Media Blasting Services

There is a lot more that goes into powder coating than meets the eye. While the final product must look good, it is usually the preparation before the coating stage that determines the final quality. For this reason, we handle all media blasting in house and even offer it as a separate service to those customers not seeking a powder coated finish. Our media blasting service is second to none, utilizing high quality blast media to remove rust, paint, dirt, and sludge prior to whichever metal finishing lies ahead.

Why should I get my parts media blasted?

Media blasting ensures as near of a perfect bare surface as possible for a starting point for any project, whether that may be powder coating applied directly after or even paint that may have a body filler stage as well.

Why should I pay to have my parts blasted when I can sand them or wire-wheel them myself?

There is definitely a time and place for a wire-wheel and a drill, however nothing compares to the ease and speed at which media blasting removes rust and paint from flat surfaces and hard to reach corners alike. Save yourself the time and energy and let us help you get that project done quickly and efficiently.

I only have a small part that I need you to do. Is that ok?

Of course! JTS Coatings began as a small-scale powder coating operation aimed at helping enthusiasts like ourselves by providing local access to a high quality service at a reasonable price. Over the past four years we have expanded into industrial applications, but will always stay loyal to our roots. It's not uncommon to see one customer dropping off 12' hand railings while another drops off an air cleaner cover for a Harley.

How much does it cost?

All of the media blasting in our shop is based on time required to complete the piece. Shop rate for sandblasting is $70/hour and covers our cost for materials, utilities, and labor. Those familiar with the media cost and work involved will recognize that the service is well worth the price. Time does vary drastically between similar pieces based on current coating and condition, and while we can usually provide an accurate range, final price is determined by completion time. We are always happy to keep you updated on progress and avoid surpassing pricing limits.