Please have all tires, bearings, seals, plastic, oil, etc. removed from your part prior to dropping off to avoid extra charges and delayed turn around time!

Powder Coating

For estimates on pricing, please give us a call or send us an email with a picture of your project. Pricing is dependant on many different variables, so please be as specific as possible to avoid pricing changes at dropoff.

"What factors affect the price of my project?"

Even two of the same item can have varying prices. Some of the main factors that affect pricing include:

  • Current condition - multiple layers of paint or heavy rust is going to increase blasting time, and therefore price.

  • Powder color - We have many colors ranging from a single coat gloss black to a multi coat metallic candy red. Unfortunately the more complex colors do cost more. Also, multiple colors per order will affect pricing.

  • Readiness - If there is still disassembly required on our part there will be labor expenses that add to the total cost.

  • Masking- This is a big one, but also extremely common. Temperature resistant tape is expensive ($40+ per roll) and tedious to apply. Any parts that require masking will be priced reflecting this. Please be understanding of the additional time requirement for this service!

  • Quantity - When items going the same color come in batches or as a package deal, this helps keep pricing lower.

  • Extra Fees - Parts that have been previously powder coated, parts that are chrome, parts that require disassembly, and wheels that require tire removal may incur extra fees.

"What color options are there?"

While we cannot mix powder to color-match as one would with paint, we do have an abundance of color options to suit nearly every project. Some of the colors we offer include:

  • Standard Colors - Reds, Yellows, Blues, Greens, Blacks, Whites, Browns, etc.

  • Metallic Colors - Includes our imitation chrome colors as well as several of our powders that include metallic flake.

  • Candy and Shimmer Candy Colors - Includes the tradional candy lineup such as candy Red, Candy Blue, and Candy Purple with a few others such as Candy Rootbeer. This lineup is also available as a "Shimmer" with the added effect of metallic flake.

  • Textures - Includes the ever-popular Wrinkle Black and Wrinkle Red, along with other favorites such as Silver Vein and Copper Vein.

  • Industrial - Includes color matches to many popular industrial companies such as John Deere Green, Chevy Orange, and Ford Blue. We also have several color matched Harley Davidson colors!

  • Dormant - This two-coat category offers metallic and non-metallic colors that benefit from the added depth of a clear topcoat. The Dormant Copper is a favorite that really shows the true possibilities of powder coating!

  • Neon - A no-brainer if you are trying to make your project "pop." Colors include Neon Yellow, Neon Green, and Neon Pink among others.

  • High Temp - Rated to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and good for most exhaust applications, this powder comes in both a Smooth and Texture Black, as well as a Smooth Silver.

  • RAL - Looking for a specific shade of a particular color? RAL colors are our special order powders that offer the best possibility of matching a particular color.